• Volunteer and Explore South America

Volunteer and Explore South America, also known as V&E, is a Peruvian volunteering program managed by a fully registered Peruvian NGO established in 2023 to support people and animals in economically underprivileged communities and help uplift their living conditions.
V&E provides volunteering opportunities to travelers who wish to engage in meaningful work while exploring the mesmerizing natural beauty of the region and enhancing their language skills by learning Spanish (in Peru) and Portuguese (in Brazil).
Our local organization in Peru is currently seeking volunteers for a variety of positions, including caring for orphaned babies and toddlers, teaching English, providing support to a special needs school, shadowing doctors or nurses in medical centers, and organizing medical campaigns. Our local organization in Brazil is also looking for volunteers to teach English, arts, crafts, and theater.
In both countries, accommodation and food are provided in exchange for contributions. We welcome you to join us in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


Sharing love, time, and education

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